Брюки и джинсы Chicco Брюки для мальчика I can and I will

Chicco Брюки для мальчика I can and I will Замечательная модель, которая отлично подойдет для повседневной носки. Возможна автоматическая стирка при температуре до 40°С. Состав: 90% хлопок, 10% вискоза

1499 RUR
Брюки для мальчика I can and I will Chicco

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Carlos Cabrales III Dont Lose Your Way

Have you ever experienced being on edge and discovering that you don't know whether you can keep living. That happened to me, and I found my way by deduction in an unexpected way. I believed I was a disappointment inside and out however tried to accept it as much as possible inclination awkward at all that I did yet with incredible counselors and tutors' assistance. I feel that I was pointed in the correct attitude and never lost my direction. I might want to do that for other people, so I am beginning a web recording for everyone who felt how I use to explore and will carry visitors that can help with that. I will concentrate on how mentality and heading of help guided somebody to become who they are today.

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Marjorie W. Pitzer I Can, Can You?

Babies and toddlers with Down syndrome, like all young children, want to discover their world and take on new experiences. I Can, Can You? is a delightful board book full of babies and toddlers with Down syndrome going about the business of their lives. Presented in crisp, uncluttered, full-color photographs, these children swim, eat spaghetti, laugh, play ball, and more–looking adorable all the while!
I Can, Can You? is the perfect book for parents and children to enjoy together. As your child sits on your lap and you read to him, he'll see other children with Down syndrome modeling some things he can do and some which he will soon do. Reinforce your child's abilities («Look at the boy going down the slide. You can do that!») and encourage the possibilities («Do you see the girl drawing a picture?»). What's more, as you read to your child and as he plays with the book and turns the pages, he will gain important pre-reading skills.
This wonderful book will be reassuring to families with a new baby with Down syndrome and makes a great gift. Daycare centers, hospitals, infant-toddler programs, libraries, pediatric practices, and support groups will want to have I Can, Can You? available for the families they serve.

610.97 RUR

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Lord Dunsany Thirteen at Table

“How can I ever thank you?” he said to me then. “We have been thirteen at table for thirty years and I never dared to insult them because I had wronged them all, and now you have done it and I know they will never dine here again.”

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Terri L. Martin Stronger Together

With foreword by Robert J. Marzano What kind of leader am I? What is my leadership style? How do I best tap into others' skills? How do I build collaborative leadership teams? New and veteran leaders alike ask themselves these questions. Stronger Together will help you face your current reality and determine action steps for improvement. You will discover how to engender trust and empower teams, creating a collaborative culture and, ultimately, improving student achievement. Build a healthy culture of collaborative leadership in education: Understand your own leadership style so you can play to your strengths and improve weaknesses. Adapt your leadership style to a collaborative culture that values transparent communication. Learn how collaborative leaders build the right kinds of collaborative teams and create common goals. Use collaborative strategies to create a common vision statement and garner buy-in from team members using the elements of trust: integrity, empathy, and humility. Develop ongoing transparent communication among school leadership, team members, faculty, parents, and students. Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: What Kind of Leader Am I? Chapter 2: How Can I Earn Trust? Chapter 3: How Do I Build Teams of Collaborative Leaders? Chapter 4: How Can I Help Develop a Vision? Chapter 5: How Can I Support Collaborative Teams? Chapter 6: What, When, and How Should I Communicate? Concluding Thoughts References and Resources Index

1834.44 RUR

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Pilgrim Tyne Edge of the Map

I can't tell you my name. I can't tell you where I live. I can't tell you who I work for, or any details about the people with whom I work. Because where I live, my line of work is not exactly legal. But if you can pardon the vagueness, I have a story for you.
Edge of the Map is a memoir of the calling and adjustment, success and failure of our first year as missionaries to a closed country in the 10/40 window. It tells the story of how my family and I lived out the challenges and blessings of the lives we tried to lay down for Jesus. It is the book I would have wished for, had I known the right questions to ask.
How do I know that I'm called overseas? How do I move beyond callousness and distraction? What do I do once I've accepted a call to the nations? What issues arise after I step into my calling? How do I go about resolving those issues?
Edge of the Map speaks to these questions in hopes that our journey to a closed country will help nudge the souls of a young, poised generation toward the calling God is whispering over their lives.

1452.87 RUR

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Robert J. Marzano The Art and Science of Teaching

Though classroom instructional strategies should clearly be based on sound science and research, knowing when to use them and with whom is more of an art. In The Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction, author Robert J. Marzano presents a model for ensuring quality teaching that balances the necessity of research-based data with the equally vital need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual students. He articulates his framework in the form of 10 questions that represent a logical planning sequence for successful instructional design:
1. What will I do to establish and communicate learning goals, track student progress, and celebrate success? 2. What will I do to help students effectively interact with new knowledge? 3. What will I do to help students practice and deepen their understanding of new knowledge? 4. What will I do to help students generate and test hypotheses about new knowledge? 5. What will I do to engage students? 6. What will I do to establish or maintain classroom rules and procedures? 7. What will I do to recognize and acknowledge adherence and lack of adherence to classroom rules and procedures? 8. What will I do to establish and maintain effective relationships with students? 9. What will I do to communicate high expectations for all students? 10. What will I do to develop effective lessons organized into a cohesive unit?
For classroom lessons to be truly effective, educators must examine every component of the teaching process with equal resolve. Filled with charts, rubrics, and organizers, this methodical, user-friendly guide will help teachers examine and develop their knowledge and skills, so they can achieve that dynamic fusion of art and science that results in exceptional teaching and outstanding student achievement.

1987.37 RUR

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Shauna Marie Hyde The Vicar of Tent Town

Pastor Shauna Hyde brings her experience in, not only ministering to the homeless, but becoming such a welcome part of their world, that she is known as «The Vicar of Tent Town.» I struggle to be accepting and understanding when organizations refuse to work together because an issue is more important than people. I become angry, distressed, and depressed when churches cannot put differences aside in order to transform the loves of those who are desperate to feel the touch of God. I can say that I have had upscale dinners with the wealthy and split a sandwich under a bridge with the not so wealthy. I can say I have had lunch with movie stars and I have rocked a homeless man to sleep. I have been at both ends of the spectrum and have seen the beauty that makes up humanity. Just when I think I am done and cannot love anymore because I am tired of the games people play and the silly things they get upset about, someone will show me the beauty of their souls – the place where God is and I know I can still love and show grace. – Shauna Hyde

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Larry Gootkin So...You Wanna Throw A Party!

Have you ever given a party? Do you know what to do? Where you should begin? Have you ever said, «I just can't wait until this is over?»
Then, this book can help you!
From beginning to end, Larry offers his experience and ideas to you which have helped many people over the years.
With great suggestions, tips and interesting stories, the next time you plan a celebration – you will be ready! Both you AND your guests will enjoy your event!
"I have been in the entertainment industry for the last 40+ years and brings to the novice and seasoned party-giver alike how to make throwing a party easier and more enjoyable for everyone. I've helped countless others – I can help you, too!"
Larry Gootkin

764.67 RUR

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Georges Vanier Georges Vanier: Soldier

East Sandling Camp. 1 June 1915 "Captain Boyer and I are leaving for London to buy a motor car for the regiment. We will be staying at the Savoy." Flanders. 27 October 1915. Diary entry: 4:00 p.m. "Returned to the trenches. After two days of rain, they are in a deplorable state. There is mud up to our knees. The parapets have collapsed in several spots. The nights are frigid, our feet are cold, and we have not yet received our supplies of wood and charcoal." In the field. 1 August 1918. "You will pardon the brevity and the looseness of this letter when you know under what conditions it has been written. What you wish to know above all I can tell you at once. I am well – in fact I do not think I have ever been quite so well in body and in spirit. I have been protected in a special manner during the last three days. I have seen so many narrow escapes myself that I am beginning to think that one should not worry much about possible eventualities." No. 8 British Red Cross Hospital, Boulogne. 6 September 1918. "By this time you will have received reassuring cablegrams and field postcards and possibly letters from friends of mine. "First, to be quite frank, I will admit that I have not been in fit condition to write a coherent letter …"

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Брюки для мальчиков подростков

Брюки для мальчиков школьников в интернет-магазине одежды для детей и подростков. Купить стильные брюки по низким ценам в Gloria Jeans.

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Большой выбор брюк для мальчиков в интернет-магазине WildBerries. Бесплатная доставка и постоянные скидки!

Брюки для тинейджера - Reserved

Брюки для маленьких мальчиков и подростков в Reserved KIDS. Спортивные штаны, чиносы, брюки карго и многое другое. Покупайте онлайн с бесплатной доставкой в магазин.

Брюки для мальчиков – купить в интернет-магазине Kari

Детские брюки для мальчиков. Детские брюки – это неотъемлемая часть гардероба мальчика, и их у него должно быть много. Летние, утепленные, школьные, повседневные и праздничные брюки для мальчиков – все они имеют свои ...

Брюки для мальчиков Котмаркот - скидка до 60% на Shopsy

Купить брюки для мальчиков Котмаркот из каталога 🍁 Осень 2020 от лучших интернет-магазинов. 301 предложений от 129 руб с бесплатной доставкой по России.

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Брюки для мальчиков могут пошиты из натуральных и качественных материалов: интерлок, футер и др. Ткани мягкие и приятные на ощупь, поэтому не вызывают ощущений дискомфорта во время носки. Размеры брюк для мальчиков с�

Шьем школьные брюки для мальчика|Шкатулка-МК - YouTube

* * * * * * * * *РАЗВЕРНИ ОПИСАНИЕ!!!* * * * * * * * * Добрый день, дорогие друзья! Сегодня мы шьем ...

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Утепленные брюки для мальчика - купить в интернет-магазине ozon по выгодным ценам! Характеристики Фото Огромный ассортимент Настоящие отзывы покупателей! Быстрая доставка 🚚 по всей России!

Брюки и джинсы для мальчиков - купить недорого в интернет ...

Брюки и джинсы на мальчика детские от 5 грн в Украине Покупайте брюки и джинсы для мальчиков в интернет-магазине недорогих вещей

Брюки для мальчика Barkito, черные - купить в Москве: цены ...

Брюки для мальчика Barkito, черные, швейка. Брюки станут прекрасным дополнением к гардеробу вашего мальчика. Оригинальные модели имеют яркий дизайн и рассчитаны на интенсивную эксплуатацию. Особенности: Изготовлены из ...

Брюки классические для мальчиков

Быстрый просмотр БРЮКИ ДЛЯ МАЛЬЧИКА peplos tr20j031 СИНИЙ (Утепленные) 2 600 руб. Быстрый просмотр БРЮКИ ДЛЯ МАЛЬЧИКА МЛ.

Брюки и джинсы для мальчиков в Москве. Купить джинсы и ...

Брюки и джинсы для мальчиков в интернет магазине. Вы можете выбрать и купить детские джинсы и брюки для мальчиков с доставкой по Москве и России. Большой ассортимент, низкие цены, скидки

Брюки Chicco: купить в Москве в интернет-магазине, брюки ...

Брюки Chicco - низкие цены, все характеристики и фотографии в каталоге Купить брюки Chicco в интернет-магазине в Москве и других городах России!

Брюки для мальчика

Брюки для мальчика. Модель: 6155-023-33. Цена: 47.30 грн. * Рост: * Цвет: Цвет (желаемый): Количество: Описание Характеристики Отзывы (13) Полотно: начес однотонный. Рост: 86-134. В спортивных штанах от торговой марки «Трикотажный рай ...

2631 Брюки для мальчика

2631 Брюки для мальчика. 0 комментариев | Написать комментарий, отзыв. 493,00 руб. Сумма Орг.сбора 73,95 руб (15 %), Итого: 566.95 руб. Артикул:Плащевка с начесом. Цвета: Черный. id Товара:987. Размеры: 34 (134-140) 36 (146-152) 38 (158-164) 34 (134-140) 36 (146-152) 38 ...

Брюки для мальчиков (BP7X21-69) купить за 999 руб. в ...

Брюки для мальчиков bp7x21-69 – цвет черно-синий, разных размеров, приобрести в официальном интернет-магазине o'stin. Доставка по всей России.

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Джинсы, брюки для мальчиков купить в интернет-магазине Faberlic - заказать в каталоге из 31 товаров. Быстрая доставка. Высокие стандарты качества. Джинсы, брюки для мальчиков по низкой цене

Школьные брюки для мальчиков Mango Kids — купить в ...

Школьные брюки для мальчиков Mango Kids с бесплатной доставкой по России в интернет-магазине Ламода, актуальные цены, в наличии большой ассортимент моделей.

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Покупайте брюки для мальчиков Весна-Осень на флисе оптом от производителя Алекса52. Доставка по РФ. Низкие цены на брюки для мальчиков весна-осень.

Школьные брюки для мальчика

Школьные брюки для мальчиков; Выберите раздел . СЕРЫЙ ; СИНИЙ ; ЧЕРНЫЙ ; Подбор по параметрам. Розничная цена . От. До. 1490. 1743. 1995. 2248. 2500. Производитель Bosser. Материал Вискоза 62%, лавсан 18%, ацетат 20%. Рост 128 134 140 146 152 158. Размер ...

Как сшить брюки для мальчика. - YouTube

Как сшить брюки для мальчика. Из данного видео вы узнаете, как сшить брюки на резинке своими руками.

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10289 Брюки для мальчика в Барнауле, купить от 719 руб.. Характеристики: рост 134, рост 140, рост 146, рост 152, рост 158, рост 164 черный

Chicco Брюки для мальчика I can and I will - Акушерство.Ru

Купить Chicco Брюки для мальчика I can and I will в АКУШЕРСТВО.РУ. Доставка по Москве и России Гарантия качества Лучшая цена на Chicco Брюки для мальчика I can and I will $!

Брюки трикотажные для мальчика - черный

Заказать в Интернет-магазине Брюки трикотажные для мальчика черный - bpc bonprix collection от 990 р.. Эти трикотажные брюки очаровывают броским ...

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Утепленные брюки для мальчика LE&LO 6610996 синий купить оптом в интернет-магазине HappyWear. Без рядов. Всё в наличии.

Брюки для мальчика -

Брюки для мальчика. Артикул: 456. Размеры: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42. Цена: 900 руб. Характеристики: Верх: Membrana (100% полиэфир) Подкладка: нейлон ; Утеплитель: синтепон - 150г/м2; Гульфик застегивается на молнию и кнопку; В штанинах ветрозащитны

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Низкие цены в Кривом Роге Быстрая доставка и гарантия ☛ Онлайн-заказ Продажа 916 товаров в категории "Детские брюки для мальчиков"

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Брюки для мальчика: объявление о продаже в Кемерово на Авито. Брюки для мальчика, на синтепоне, размер 152, б/у, состояние новой вещи, дырок нет, колени одного цвета с брюками

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Брюки для мальчика 98-104: объявление о продаже в Мытищах на Авито. 1. Вельветовые брюки H&M . Размер 92-98. Цена 300 рублей 2. Спортивные брюки Kiabi . 97. 200 рублей 3. Брюки джинсовые H&M. 92-98, 300 рублей 4.

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Заказать в Интернет-магазине Брюки трикотажные для мальчика черный - bpc bonprix collection от 1290 р.. Эти трикотажные брюки очаровывают ...

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Страница 2 - Брюки детские для мальчиков в оптовом интернет-магазине «Тамрико». В наличии модели для маленьких мальчиков и подростков. Заказать брюки для мальчика по телефону +7 (383) 200-38-18 или напишите на сайте

Брюки, джинсы, Шорты - SINSAY

Брюки для мальчика. 399 rub. Брюки для мальчика. 359 rub. Брюки для мальчика. 359 rub. Трикотажные джоггеры с принтом. 399 rub. Джоггеры с добавлением хлопка. 499 rub. Брюки chino. 299 rub. Брюки типа байкер. 299 rub ...

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Брюки для мальчиков - купить в маркетплейсе Беру. Выбор товаров из категории Брюки для мальчиков по характеристикам, описанию и отзывам с удобной доставкой.

Брюки для мальчиков. Купить. Магазин «ИП Зайцев»

Брюки для мальчика. Кол-во в упаковке: 1. 289,12 руб. Выберите размер: Брюки чёрный Хит продаж . БР-СП7 чёрный. Кол-во в упаковке: 1. 289,12 руб. Выберите размер: Брюки серый БР-СП7 серый. Кол-во в упаковке: 1. 289,12 руб. Выберите размер ...

Брюки для мальчика, RESERVED, XH727-59X

Брюки для мальчика, Брюки, джинсы, шорты, темно-синий, reserved

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Детские брюки для мальчика – основные правила выбора. Чтобы достоинством купленных брючек была не только их цена, но и стиль, комфорт для мальчика, качество обновки, нужно учитывать ряд нюансов при выборе.

Брюки на мальчика Артикул CWK 7930 (246) Брюки для ...

Брюки на мальчика Артикул cwk 7930 (246) Брюки для мальчика (голубой меланж) - купить в интернет ...

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Купить детские брюки для мальчиков оптом от 122 ₽ в оптовом интернет-магазине HappyWear. Без рядов. Всё в наличии.

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Брюки для мальчиков - купить на Яндекс.Маркете. Выбор товаров из категории Брюки для мальчиков по характеристикам, описанию и отзывам с удобной доставкой.

Брюки для мальчика АКЦИЯ! / "Уссурийский тигр" / Брюки ...

АКЦИЯ! / Уссурийский тигр / Брюки ПББ384804н / бамбук / / кулир с лайкрой / хлопок 92% + лайкра 8% / Брюки для мальчика выполнены из эластичного хлопкового

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Большой выбор серых брюк для мальчиков в интернет магазине Бесплатная доставка и постоянные скидки!

Брюки для мальчика от 2 до 9 лет| Mayoral

Брюки для мальчиков в возрасте от 2 до 9 лет. Стильный дизайн, большой выбор моделей и удобный крой.

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Качественная одежда - брюки/кальсоны для мальчиков в интернет-магазине по доступным ценам в Барнауле. Доставка почтой и самовывоз.

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Брюки для мальчиков, пояс на резинке с кулиской. Ткань: футер без начеса. Отличный выбор для повседневного вашего ребенка. |

Брюки для мальчика, цвет милитари/пиксель, рост 128-134 см ...

Брюки для мальчика, цвет милитари/пиксель, рост 128-134 см

Blake Freeman Haibu Lost in New York

Mom’s Choice Award Winner I can do anything I believe I can do. I can be anything I believe I can be. I can achieve anything I want to achieve. I am Haibu. In the small, northern village Montooka, Haibu always knew she can do anything she wants if she just set her mind to it. One day she tries to prove it and goes fishing all by herself, but a harrowing experience finds her stranded on a drifting piece of ice. Before she knows it, she arrives lost in a completely new land she’s never seen before—New York! As Haibu discovers the city, she learns about a nearby circus that might have clues that would help her find her way back home. But the circus animals are in serious trouble and need help right away. Haibu and her new friends will have to put their heads together to come up with a plan in order to save the animals before things get worse. A partner of WildAid, an environmental organization dedicated to protecting wildlife, Haibu teaches children animal conservation and raises awareness about the situations and conditions animals live in the world today.

610.97 RUR

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Александр Невзоров 2056. Housewarming

I invite everyone to a housewarming party! St. Petersburg gives me, as a waiting person, a one-room apartment. It will take place in 2056. I invite everyone who will live. I accept requests for drinks and snacks. Gifts I will accept any, especially medicines. After all, I will be 98 years old myself. So, Housewarming. Of course, we will celebrate it with you. But I wonder, nevertheless, how will it be, the year 2056?

48 RUR

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Wade Ph.D Yarchan Life Lessons, The Journey

&quot;The one thing in life you must never forget … there is only one truth.&quot;<br><br>I&#39;ve made the realization that the person I was is not who I am today. More importantly, the person I am today is not the person I will become. <br><br>Life Lessons, The Journey is a different kind of book than most of you are used to reading. I wanted to be able to offer insight and hope to those most in need. I also wanted to be able to deliver messages in the form of a passage; and last but not least I wanted to talk about it as if we were across from each other at the kitchen table. <br><br>If this book lets just one person sleep well tonight, I can say job well done. If the thoughts and ideas presented can help others to no longer live in pain, this book will be a &quot;best seller&quot; even if only two copies were sold. If I can help one person not lose faith in his or her darkest moments, it was by the grace of God, not by my pen. <br><br>Thank God for this opportunity and thank you for taking the time to read this book.

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Parish Peggy Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia (Level 2) (+CD)

Read along with your favorite I Can Read Book characters I Can Read Books are the premier line of beginning readers encouraging children to learn-and love-to read. Featuring award-winning authors and illustrators, I Can Read Books offer a full spectrum of entertaining stories for every stage of a child's reading development. Now the beloved characters and adventures from this popular line of books come to life with I Can Read Book and CDs.

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Joseph Robertia Life with Forty Dogs

Dog lovers everywhere will relate to this author’s stories, from heart-wrenching to hilarious.[/i] Author and his wife are known and respected for their extremely compassionate dog handling.[/i] Author advocates rescue and “Rogues Gallery Kennel” is made up of beloved “rescues, runts, and rejects from other kennels.”[/i] A never-seen-before window into the life of mushers who share their life with 40 dogs, 24/7, 52 weeks a year.[/i] Author is an excellent writer who contributes to the Alaska Dispatch News as well as other Alaska regional and special interest media. Cover features a photograph of Cyder – one of the dogs that Joseph tells about in the book.[/i] Author is social media savvy marketer and will be doing byliners and excerpts.[/i] Annual marketing/sales hook of National appeal (Iditarod) will give this book a long life.[/i]

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Aria Adams Defiled

Can a dominant, damaged alien possibly fix the human whose mind got shattered? Sage: I find out their secret, so I am stripped naked and thrown in a cell with a gigantic alien who is too damaged to speak. He defiles me repeatedly, body and mind, while we are both put through experiments. Nothing is what it seems, and eventually I no longer know what is real and what is not. I don't even know who I am anymore. Algers: I was crazed and broken when they forced me to pair bond with a human. Now she carries my child. I am the rightful ruler of this besieged planet. If the humans knew who I was, Alaxia would fall to them. I will leave this place, take my human plaything with me, and wage war on those who would dare imprison me. But will it be too late for Sage?Publisher&rsquo;s Note: Even though this is book two in the Unbreakable series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone. This is an extremely dark romance with graphic scenes, mind control and other dark elements. It is meant for mature audiences. The heroine's character is intentionally inconsistent. If alpha aliens in a post-apocalyptic world with total power exchange offend you, please do not purchase.

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Bill Roiter Beyond Work. How Accomplished People Retire Successfully

Silences the worry financially successful people have over retirement while offering them exciting new ways to think about and plan for a life after work Moving beyond the world of work can be an anxious, fearful time for accomplished professionals fraught with uncertainty and indecision. Do I have enough money to live the life I want? Will I be healthy and able to manage any health problems that arise so that I can live the life I want? Will I be lonely? What kind of life do I want to live? These are the pressing questions they ask themselves and seek answers for. Yet most books on retirement focus mainly on the financial aspects of life after work, offering little of value to those who are financially secure. Beyond Work was written for accomplished people who feel financially secure enough to retire, but who are at a loss when it comes to planning their futures. It gives them the tools to think about all the other important aspects of retirement, so they can make a successful transition to and find meaning and satisfaction in retirement. Explores the four challenges that must be met in order to have a fulfilling retirement: financial, physical, social, and personal Packed with inspiring and instructive real-life retirement stories and practical tools that assist readers in making the transition to life after work

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Mike Wittenbrink Life's Greatest Secrets, Vol. 1

THESE ARE LIFE'S GREATEST SECRETS. I WRITE ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT SECRETS THAT I HAVE LEARNED, WHICH WILL HELP ANYONE. In the last 50 years, I have discovered several amazing secrets that very few people know, but these secrets can totally improve the life of anyone. I examined the lives of successful people, and found out what some of their secrets of success were, and that is what I share. If you want to be successful, then imitate them.

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Aria Adams Alpha's Kitty

Obey and submit. That seemed to be all he wanted from me. He expected so little, and yet, so much. Herv&eacute;: I rule this planet. I will settle for nothing less than absolute control. And my tastes are dark. She is my pet. My plaything. I will train her for my use. I want her to desire the pain I will inflict. She only exists for my pleasure. Until she gets taken from me. Without her, my world is shattered. But make no mistake. I'm coming for her. Kitty: I am a pet kitten. I have no name. From birth we are kept in captivity and prepared to be sold. My owner does whatever he wants with me. His rules? Obey and submit. When we are forced apart, I realize I need him. I crave his complete mastery. His pain. His pleasure. No one else can take the place of my owner. &nbsp; Publisher&rsquo;s Note: This is a dark, steamy sci-fi romance. It features total power exchange with some potentially triggering scenes, along with an HEA. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Marguerite Kaye Outrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah

JUST WHO IS LADY DEBORAH?I am the Dowager Countess of Kinsail, and I have enough secrets to scandalise you for life. I will never reveal the truth of my soul-destroying marriage – some things are too dark to be told. But at least no one can guess that I, a famously icy-hearted widow, am also the authoress of the shamelessly voluptuous romances currently shocking the ton…!Only now I have a new secret identity, one that I will risk my life to keep – accomplice to Elliot Marchmont, gentleman, ex-soldier and notorious London thief. This adventurer’s expert touch ignites in me a passion so intoxicating that surviving our blistering affair unscathed will be near impossible…

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